Brand photography

Brand photography Mirabeau

For digital agency Mirabeau, we created a photo series showing of the different industries they work for: Retail, B2B, Finance and Travel & Hospitality, together with 3 'agency' images that will be used in general to show off what Mirabeau is. We created 5 characters that represent the people that work at Mirabeau: An Art Director, Developer, Client Manager, Designer and a Project Manager.


Concept & planning

More than half a year prior to the final shoot date, we had our first meeting about this project at Mirabeau. Several months we spend coming up with ideas and figuring out the visual style. After finally pulling the trigger on what we were going to shoot, we started planning. We put a designer on sketching out the settings as we wanted them, made a list of all the props we needed and started collecting them. A few days before the shoot day, we went ahead and painted all the props in the color we agreed on, turning everyday object into the greyed out world as seen in the final images.


When it came to shooting, it couldn't have gone any smoother. Because we planned and sketched everything out to the smallest details, the only thing left was working them out in real life. Of course with the flexibility of changing anything that didn't really work as thought. Switching scenes was a breeze as well, as the stylist and assistants knew exactly where everything needed to go beforehand. So when the models took a quick break, the set was changed into a different setting within minutes. So, because of this awesome teamwork and planning, we managed to create 11 images in just 1 shooting day. And finishing almost 2 hours before schedule.


Behind the scenes

Final Images

As it came to delivering the final images, there were 11. Two variations of each of the industries and 3 'agency' images. 

These are a few of my favorites:

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